Everything You Need to Know About RV Showers

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Your RV should offer you comfort on the road and should have anything that is essential to ensure a great time. When you’ve taken the RV to a campground, you can choose to use the onsite showers if you like the idea of communal amenities. But is it really necessary when there is an onboard shower on the RV? If the reserve tank is full, you only need to turn on the heater and hot water will be ready in an hour.

For newbies to RV camping, the idea of on board showers can be disappointing. This is due to the different perceptions of what should be in a shower given that space is an issue here. In a normal shower in the house, you are free to use more water and enjoy the spacious space. Here’s what you need to understand about RV showers.

Shower experience in an RV

Rv Shower

Although you’ll get cleaned up the experience is different from what you are used to in hotels or at home. The available space is tiny and it’s more of a closet with functional plumbing amenities. If the RV has a tank, it’s certain the water will be at most a quarter of what you are used to in a normal shower. Therefore, it needs to be conserved.

To conserve the hot water, turn on the water and wet your whole body then turn it off. Then lather up and clean yourself before turning the water on to rinse off all the soap. No doubt you’ll get cleaned up quickly but you shouldn’t expect to have a luxurious session.  

Shower heads

The shower heads are designed to conserve water and they are low flow shower heads. They are also pressurized to become more effective while using less water. An outstanding feature is the shut-off valve which is easier to use than most knobs in your home shower. If it gets faulty, you only need to unscrew and replace it in a few moments.

The skylight shower

Although not all the RV’s will have this feature, some have a skylight roof. At night, it lights up the shower and on a sunny day it can warm up a quick cold shower. After some time, they’ll need to be replaced because they are made of plastics. But don’t worry; with some power tools, you’ll be able to replace the roof.  After measuring the exact size, you can find the best replacement.

Hoses and fixtures


If the shower head is not fixed, there is a hose linking it to the water supply. They are made of either plastic or stainless steel. The only difference between the two materials is price and durability.  If you see it fit, you can use some home fixtures on the RV as long as they are in line with personal preferences.


A good shower on your RV is a sure way of being self-sufficient in your camping activities. When you know how to best use it and how to make the necessary repairs, it becomes convenient with minimal frustrations.

RV Tips You Need to Read

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  1. If you don’t want to overload your RV, get to know how much it weighs. RV
  2. To keep dirt and moisture from getting into the RV, keep a carpet at both ends of the entry steps.
  3. In the cockpit, keep a note of the RV’s height plus the AC. It will help you stay within limits when using passages with height limitations.
  4. In a day, only limit your driving range to 500 miles. In fact, try restricting yourself to 400 miles.
  5. Encourage your co-pilot to take driving lessons and let them get used to handling the RV. Every time you go out, let them take the wheel on a regular basis. It good to know that sharing driving mileage helps you lower fatigue as well as make RVing a team activity. In addition, if the main driver falls sick the co-pilot can take charge comfortably.   
  6. Before traveling, ensure the vehicle is not overloaded. This will help lower the overall tear and wear on the RV in the long run. In addition, a weigh-in will be performed and if you are guilty, it could lead to the voiding of insurance covers. To avoid problems with the law and to keep of liability, don’t gamble with this.
  7. Although backup monitors are expensive, they are very useful for campers. If you decide to buy one, you better make sure the cameras have a capability to work at night. Most of the times, you’ll need to use them at night.
  8. Always remember to check the LP gas as well as your smoke detectors. You must also procure functional and efficient surge protectors to keep onboard circuitry safe.
  9. In your shower kit, have some change to take care of a situation where you are required to pay for a shower. Of course, you don’t want to start looking for some change in your robes and slippers.
  10. When you have purchased a new RV, let the salesperson take you through every feature. It’s a good way of ensuring every aspect of the RV is in great working condition.
  11. Get some mud flaps to protect debris from getting into the vehicle. For the towed vehicle, there are shields that can be used to safeguard the vehicle.
  12. If you need to use an extension with your power generators, make sure you utilize the shortest cable possible. Remember that you will limit the available voltage if you use a very long cable.
  13. Take care of your tires, and change them on the slightest indication of worn treads. When buying tires for the RV, buy in pairs and always check the tire pressure before setting out for a trip.
  14. Create a good emergency kit to store in an external compartment. It should have appropriate first aid accessories, a functional flashlight, and camera. The camera is used to capture images of the accident scene. And most importantly, include a list of your doctors, lawyers, insurance as well as medical conditions you could be suffering from. emergency kit
  15. Your family might get worried when you take too long to come home. It will be good to inform them about places you’ll be visiting.
  16. If you want to drive away potential thieves, install an onboard lights timer just like the one you use at home.
  17. Did you know the onboard refrigerator will only work correctly if the RV is level?

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The Best Shower Heads & Other Tools for Your RV

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Whether you are far from home or at a campsite, having the best shower head on your RV ensures a comfortable shower. Because there are many options in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right shower head. In this article, you’ll learn about the best shower heads as well as what you need to consider before making a choice.

Choosing the best the best RV shower head

With numerous options to choose from, you need to have a solid guideline on factors to consider for the best equipment. And based on the sure benchmarks, it will be easier to make an informed decision.

Performance and value

The performance of the shower head is what sets it apart from other options. Although saving water is on top of the list, top performers will have a sufficient output while still saving the available water. And because the pressure is an important factor in a shower, the preferred option should have pressure controls to suit your needs.


When you are not using the water at the campground, the amount of water you are using in the rig is a critical issue. But even when your rig is connected to an onsite water source, you should strive to save water whenever necessary. Therefore, you need to look for shower heads with low GPM ratings. If you choose well, the pressure will almost be similar to what you get on household showers and you’ll have made a good move towards saving water.

Know the best low-flow shower heads when you drop by at http://showerchamp.com/best-low-flow-reviews/.

Shut-off valve and water pressure

In an RV shower, this is a feature you don’t want to miss. To maximize conservation, you’ll need to keep the flow to the minimum anytime you are not wetting or rinsing your body. The valves should be unique and instead of shutting off the water completely, they should only reduce the flow to a trickle. When you do this, the cold and hot valves can stay on therefore no water will be wasted to balance the temperatures.  

When connected to an external water source, you need to have pressure regulators to protect your pipes. But if you rely on the onboard water tank, it’s likely that water pressure will be extremely low. But you can choose a shower head that is designed to compensate for the shortage. By adding some air to the output, these accessories can achieve satisfactory pressure without wasting water.

Oxygenics Skin Care Shower Head

This accessory has been among the most preferred shower heads by campers. It is designed to use less water while offering a skin-friendly experience. Even with a low water pressure, it beats its competitors by effectively compensating for pressure.

Because it comes with a unique Oxygenics engine, it delivers a high-pressure stream that is sufficient for a relaxing shower. The ingenious air-induction technology incorporates enough air into the showers and makes them friendly to your skin. With this shower head, you don’t need to worry about clogging because it comes with an innovative anti-clog feature. However, you need to ensure it’s tightly fitted to avoid any leakages.

If you need more details on the best high pressure shower head for low water pressure? Go to Shower Champ.

Delta Faucet 75700

Delta Faucet 75700

Delta 7 has a 2.5GPM flow rate and gives a steady water flow. It comes with a flexible hose that is 72 inches long and you can select between different spray settings. The anti-clog feature on this faucet ensures that any foreign material is easily removed for a perfect performance. If your hands are soapy, you won’t find it difficult to turn the spray dial when selecting the preferred shower spray. In addition, you can enjoy a hands-free shower thanks to the effective shower arm mount.

Niagara Hand Held Massage

Niagara Hand Held Massage

The Niagara is an outstanding alternative to other options and it has several spray options. It comes in polished chrome and it is designed to use 20% less water than other designs. Unlike other faucets, the shower spray is not aerated and this helps in maintaining the water temperature for a longer warm shower. With adjustable spray patterns, you can easily change the spray in the midst of a shower.

The design incorporates a 9-high-pressure circulation technology as well as a non-alternating spray for a good experience.  

Get more information about the best handheld shower head reviews when you read about how often should you shower on line.


When choosing the best shower head, make sure you have thought about what is most important to you. But in most cases, being away from on-site water supply means you’ll be having water pressure issues. Therefore, choose options that are designed to save water while maximizing pressure.

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